You've arrived at an exciting chapter in your life — making memories, putting down roots and building a legacy of your own. Whether you reside in Ottawa or Prince Edward County, your wedding is part of that legacy and deserves to be a treasured heirloom you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime. 

You want a wedding planner who understands what this day really means to you. Someone who knows your presence of mind during this moment is precious and who works fiercely to protect it. Someone who advocates for your dreams and will stop at nothing to make them happen. Someone who knows what it's important to you isn't just having a meaningful wedding, but an experience that puts your friends and family at the heart of every moment.

With sincere dedication, an unlimited imagination and a can-do attitude, I'm here to nurture your dreams, shoulder your stress and help you embrace your role as host and honoured guest. You deserve a wedding that feels true to you — and I can't wait to help you make that happen.


let's make it one for the books

- Ashley & Dylan

"Our wedding day was the best day of our lives. We cannot stop talking about how perfect it was – and we know our wedding was that way because of Alex."

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With a background in English literature and a flair for classic romance, I'm no stranger to a good love story. But nothing brings me more joy quite like crafting heartfelt family affairs rooted in style and sentimentality. From infusing thoughtful touches to delighting the senses in every detail, I'm here to inspire awe, shape connections and help you embrace your role as host and honoured guest. So let's get started — I can't wait to meet you.

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