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7 tips to help you plan your Covid wedding

Mar 25, 2021

Planning a wedding is already enough work without the added pressures of trying to predict COVID-19. If you are feeling worried about whether you should even attempt to plan a wedding for 2021 or 2022, it is perfectly normal. But I am here to tell you that with the right mindset and preparation, it is still possible to have a beautiful wedding even during a pandemic.

Here are my top seven tips to help you plan your wedding during a pandemic:

  1. Prepare for the worst case scenario. Hope for the best possible outcome.
  2. Set your target guest count and then make multiple guest lists. We can’t predict when we will be allowed to hold large gatherings again so the best thing you can do is to start small. Begin by making one for 10 people, one for 25 people, one for 50 people, one for 75 people and one for 100 people. Remember to factor in you and your vendors in the final guest count. As restrictions are loosened, your guest count can increase.
  3. Review each contract in detail and get familiar with your vendors’ cancellation/postponement policies. Ask them to put in writing what their backup plans are for things such as illness, emergency or cancellation.
  4. Hire a wedding planner/coordinator. We are masters at planning and can help you adjust the logistics if necessary.
  5. Have your wedding outside if possible. Viruses are less likely to spread outdoors so oftentimes you can have more guests outside than inside. Outdoor venues such as wineries, barns, private estates or even your own backyard are great options and make for stunning backdrops.
  6. Consider holding your wedding on a Friday or Sunday. Many venues have little to no Saturdays available due to the larger number of postponements. The venue fees for weekday weddings are also less expensive because they are less in demand.
  7. As you approach your wedding date, keep track of all provincial and municipal government regulations of where you are getting married.

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