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The Most Beautiful Wedding Locations in Ontario: Prince Edward County

May 7, 2021

I have to admit I have kind of a love affair with Prince Edward County. It honestly reminds me of a Canadian version of the Hamptons. Socialites from Ottawa and Toronto jet off and enjoy the beauty of the destination all summer long. You’ll find lots of beaches and charming waterfront towns. As a Prince Edward County wedding planner, I fall in love with the endless outdoor wedding venues. It also has that “Southern charm” and warm hospitality that brings me so much joy. If you are starting to plan a wedding and are looking for the most beautiful wedding locations in Ontario, you need to head to Prince Edward County (and hire a wedding planner that knows the ins and outs of this incredible destination).

Below, I want to share with you a few of my favorite styles of Prince Edward County weddings so you can fall in love with the destination as much as I have. It’s been my favourite place for years and I’ve always believed it’s the perfect setting for a wedding. No matter what style you choose, I always love to embrace the natural setting of the destination as much as possible.

Rustic Elegance Wedding

When you think of rustic elegance, do you think of a neutral colour palette, stunning calligraphy and crossback chairs? That’s really just the beginning. One of the things I love most about rustic elegance wedding designs is that they somehow manage to look stunning without taking away from the backdrop. I believe when you choose to get married in a beautiful destination, your wedding should be designed around the natural beauty around you. Yes, your wedding should be unique and reflect you, but you don’t need to overdo it when you have chosen such a beautiful backdrop.

Southern Charm Wedding

Like I said, Prince Edward County has that sweet “Southern charm”. It’s everywhere, in the places you go and the people you meet. When I think about wedding styles, I never want anything to look trendy or dated in a few years. That’s why I love to design with Southern styles in mind. They are as classically beautiful now as they were fifty years ago and will be fifty years from now. Because I believe your wedding style should reflect who you are as a couple, I love to design Southern charm weddings for couples who absolutely adore hosting for their family and friends. We can definitely find the warm hospitality and Southern charm (and a good old Southern feast!) you crave in Prince Edward County.

English Garden Wedding

The reason I believe Prince Edward County is one of the top wedding locations in Ontario is the natural beauty of the destination. With that in mind, I love to create wedding designs that reflect an English garden aesthetic. This often means lots of greenery and a soft pastel or spring inspired colour palette. We can bring in light wood textures and materials without it feeling too rustic. All together, an English garden feels so romantic to me and brings me feelings of nostalgia – like my favourite novels. If you love romance novels as much as I do, you’ve likely pictured a traditional English garden wedding before.

Sophisticated Winery Wedding

Although the previous styles can be created no matter which Prince Edward County venue you choose, wine lovers might want to take advantage of the few winery wedding venues you can find in Ontario. The whole destination has a farm-to-table feel but who wants the local culture to stop with the food? If you and your fiance love to enjoy a glass of wine on Friday nights, why not share this love with your guests? Winery wedding venues offer terrific views and outstanding views.

Choosing a Prince Edward County Wedding Venue

Once you have a style in mind, we can start to look at wedding venues that might fit your vision. Although Prince Edward County has some beautiful wedding venues, you don’t need to limit yourself to a traditional venue. I love to help my couples plan outdoor tented weddings, and you can rent a private residence or take advantage of a family property if you are fortunate enough to have one. Even if you don’t have a summer home in Prince Edward County, it’s an absolutely incredible vacation spot and one of my goals since opening Baillie David & Co has been to bring more weddings here. Not only is it one of the most beautiful wedding locations in Ontario, it’s still kind of a hidden gem. To get started planning your wedding (and choosing the perfect Prince Edward County wedding venue), contact me here.


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