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Why You Should Choose a Micro Wedding in 2021

May 7, 2021

With Ontario recently adding to their list of COVID restrictions, 2021 has already been full of unique challenges. Fortunately, being a wedding planner, it’s in my blood to look on the bright side and find a way to make the most out of what life throws at us. I have to admit, micro weddings have brought me so much joy over the last year. So much of what I believe in as a wedding planner can be found in a smaller guest count. Couples are choosing quality over quantity, meaningful experiences over the “regular” thing. And that’s why, even though we know restrictions will eventually open, I think you should choose a micro wedding anyway.

If you are currently planning a micro wedding in 2021 (or 2022), I would love to connect more and talk about your wedding day vision. You can learn more about the Baillie David & Co. experience here, but the first thing you should know is that my wedding planning process is big hearted and detail focused. I love to plan timeless weddings for modern romantics all over Prince Edward County and Ottawa. If you are looking for a Price Edward County wedding planner who believes your love should be celebrated wholeheartedly, and really wants to get to know you and yours deeply (before we start the actual planning) so that we can plan a wedding truly special, contact me here to get started. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Now, back to what you came here for. Here’s why I think you should choose a micro wedding.

Creating your Micro Wedding Budget

Whether your wedding budget is $20,000 or $200,000, a wedding is often a considerable investment. When you start to plan a wedding, your first reaction might be to type your wedding budget into one of those online calculators. As an aside, as a wedding planner those online calculators give me nightmares, but I digress. You’ll quickly see that a large portion of your wedding budget (regardless of the size) will go to catering and other guest count related expenses.

When you start to plan out your decor, you might find it harder to justify those dreamy items on your wedding wish list when you multiple the quantity needed by 200 guests. For example, at $15 per chair, for a micro wedding it’s a no brainer to upgrade and get what you want. For a large guest list, it might be enough to reconsider those horrible banquet chairs or even worse, the chair covers (please don’t – beautiful chairs are always worth it!). Although a micro wedding will likely cost less than a larger wedding, don’t be afraid to splurge on those luxury touches you want.

You Can Invest in Unique Experiences

Regardless of budget, micro weddings have a lot more flexibility in terms of location, timeline and traditions. As a wedding planner, I swoon a little bit when couples put their guest experience as a top priority. With a micro wedding, we can truly plan with quality over quantity in mind (which is always my wedding philosophy – regardless of whether or not the wedding is large or small). When it comes to unique experiences, some things are simply logistically easier with a smaller guest count. We can consider group transportation to a more intimate location, an interactive performance, food stations and more. If you want unique experiences your guests will love, make sure to check out this post here as well.

Micro Weddings are Incredibly Meaningful

Similarly, you spend more time with each and every guest during your micro wedding which can make your wedding day even more meaningful. Like I mentioned above, timelines for a micro wedding tend to be more flexible. Wedding day photos are typically done before the ceremony (after your first look) so once the ceremony is over, you can head straight to cocktail hour with your guests. Even if you are opting for an aisle reveal (where you don’t see your fiancé(e) until you are walking down the aisle), wedding photos don’t take as long when you have a smaller wedding party or guest list. It’s a lot easier to coordinate!

Large gaps between the wedding ceremony and reception are also less common with a micro wedding as most of my couples prefer to enjoy the extra time with their guests. It brings me so much joy to watch my couples connect with the most incredible people in their lives. More than that, with a smaller guest list, there is an intimacy in the air that can’t quite be put into words. Unlike a larger guest list which might have long distance family friends and plus ones that you haven’t even met, everyone there is intentionally there to celebrate you and your love.

Micro Weddings in Prince Edward County

As you can tell, I’m incredibly passionate about micro weddings (and incredible experiences in general). If you are looking to plan a micro wedding in Ottawa, or anywhere in Price Edward County, I would love to connect and talk about all of the wedding ideas that have been bubbling around in your head (let’s pop the champagne already!). For more details about my wedding planning services, head here for the experience, my signature process, and package pricing. If you are ready to connect and save your date in my calendar, fill out this form and I will be in touch right away. Until then, Congratulations!


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